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Radio Tivo

Radio: Community Projects at Moertel Consulting: My new Radio VCR. That is so cool.

Interesting tidbits:

He records using Speex, the open-source speech-recording codec, in real-time. I wonder how well it’d work with a more music-oriented codec, like Ogg Vorbis. Bit-rate used is 16Kbps, which seems to be pretty reasonable according to the Speex folks.

The resulting output is 10 MB per hour. That works out as 1.4 years of radio time on one $95.00 hard disk, which strikes me as pretty excellent buffering room ;)

Next step: Retroactive Radio Recording.

However, I’m thinking a really nifty application of this would be a single drop-in Knoppix CD-ROM for radio stations to stream their output without paying up the big bucks to You Know Who and Those Other Guys.

Silly: The Moaning Goat Meter, by — a load meter written in a proper programming language, and with an inexplicably spinning fish that stares at you.