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Ted Jesus Christ GOD

Spam: Kottke passes on news of the second coming — in spam:

It is now that blacklisting and filtering and blocking and Blocking of Port 25 and Blocking SMTP connections and filtering out email and anything related that does not allow any person in the United States of America to send email to anybody and then have opt-out or opt-in and that COMPLY with the CAN-SPAM Act of 2003 are doing something that is ILLEGAL and you are a CRIMINAL for doing this you have CRIMINAL LIABILITY and CIVIL LIABILITY and your company CANNOT protect you in the slightest. If your company asked you to murder somebody would you do this? Of course not for most. Then do NOT do illegal and criminal things now that are out side of the law and outside of Federal Law now with the passing of the CAN-SPAM Act of
  1. The corporate veil can be pierced and board members of the corporation and officers of the corporation and executives of the corporation and managers of the corporation and employees of the corporation that are involved in the slightest in the writing of or approval of or enforcement of Terms of Service or Policies or Procedures or Business Decisions or Business Practices or Zero Tolerance Policies that would or does interrupt or cancel or block or filter or blacklist or harass or defame the character of or slander Ted Jesus Christ GOD in the slightest from sending legal email now and into the future are COMMITTING A CRIME and have CIVIL LIABILITY also and can be pursued by the US Attorney and State Attorneys and District Attorneys and the FTC and also if doing certain things also the ATF and the FBI and more. If calling TJCG a SPAMMER and then BLACKLISTING or BLOCKING or FILTERING or putting into list or putting into any Product or Service anything related to stopping the emails of TJCG you are also committing DEFAMATION OF CHARACTER and LIBEL and SLANDER and damaging the good reputation of TJCG.

What, no divine retribution?