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Sad, Lonely Man Turns to Spam for Comfort

Spam: WSJ: For Orlando Soto, No Day Is Complete Without Some Spam.

Mr. Soto routinely comes home to some 150 e-mail pitches, and he loves getting them all … he buys stuff pitched in spam e-mail — again and again. He buys spam-pitched aromatherapy oils for his wife and pharmaceuticals for himself. … He buys stuff via spam for himself and to resell on Web sites he sets up — a business idea he got from a spam pitch. …

It’s mind-blowing — leaves you wondering how one man could be so gullible, and hand over so much money to some of the world’s dodgiest vendors, without even any concept of comparison shopping (and without falling victim to identity theft and a cleared-out bank account). Until you get to this line:

In the past, Mr. Soto says he has sent out spam himself,


but he doesn’t any more for fear of the increasing multitude of federal and state spam regulations now on the books.

Of course. (link via Craig)