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Antarctica – the Big Dead Place

Funny: Big Dead Place: ‘This site is dedicated to Antarctica and to thinking about Antarctica.’ It’s also pretty funny, and full of meat for an Antarctic obsessive like me.

‘The Thing’ review: ‘Common icons of Antarctic life are repeated throughout the movie with uncanny precision: spilled fuel; ubiquitous barrels; plentiful whisky; anti-intellectualism; resentment toward Norwegians being the first at Pole; general madness; obsession with generators; and black flags planted in the snow …. the most noteworthy deviation from actual USAP practices is that in the film everyone has a flamethrower. In the movie, fire is a tool against insidious dangers and is employed as an agent for the community against the threat of a larger hostile organism. In the actual USAP, employees are forbidden flamethrowers.’

Also — ‘The Finn’s Tooth’ — looks like they took cocktail advice from Eric Rescorla! (link via MeFi.)