Blocked By SonicWall!

Censorship: This is pretty funny — a friend writes that SonicWall‘s ‘Content Filter’ has judged my home page and FOUND IT WANTING:

  The URL
  is currently rated as:
  category 4 - Pornography

w00t! It’s true, I have some pretty hot pics up there — the accuracy of their content filtering product amazes me!

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  1. Posted September 3, 2007 at 05:13 | Permalink

    While researching for more information about censorware and blogs, I happened to notice your post about being blocked by SonicWall.

    For rolling updates on the current status of our battle against blog censorship – and for information on what you can do to help – please visit and bookmark this link:

    Also, if anyone here finds out about any more censorware companies, and/or WiFi sites, schools, and other venues that are strangling freedom of expression in this manner, please let us know so that we can get something done about it!