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Craving an Irish Breakfast

Food: For some damn reason, it’s impossible to get pork sausages here in southern CA. The only good ones I’ve had were at the Cat and Fiddle, an english pub in LA, who do really kick-ass all-day UK-style breakfasts.

However, it’s been a while since I’ve been up there, and I’ve got a fierce hankering for a dacent brekkie — one featuring sossies, rashers, and black pudding. However, some asking around has pointed me to, which has a fine range of proper food — including what is recognisably a Full Irish Breakfast! (some readers may note the similarities to breakfasts in parts of the UK, but I’ll insist on calling it a ‘Full Irish’, thank you very much.)

It also does Proper Tea (heavy on the Assam tips), Marmite, crisps and Jammie Dodgers. Quality!

But there are a couple of minor nits — first off, it’s excruciatingly expensive. But money’s no object where a dacent brekkie is involved. Secondly, Lynx deodorant — WTF? People are willing to pay extra for that stuff? And most importantly of all — where are the King Crisps!?

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