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The ‘Human Shredder’ Rumour

Iraq: OK, I’ve been keeping quiet on the whole Iraq thing — so far, it’s pretty much turned into what I was suspecting would happen once GWB declared ‘Mission Accomplished’, and now there’s lots more people saying what I previously felt wasn’t being said. However, I’ve just heard something that really winds me up.

Richard Perle was being interviewed on BBC Radio 4’s PM show about the torture at Abu Ghraib. He made a comment to the effect that ‘at least the Abu Ghraib incidents weren’t as bad as Saddam’s use of the human shredder’.

First off, two wrongs do not make a right, and the neocons needs to stop assuming that this is an excuse.

Secondly, the human shredder story is uncorroborated rumour from a single person in Northern Iraq, and no evidence has ever found to support it. All evidence points to the opposite.

But if we let it pass without debunking, this one’s going to go down as ‘history’, alongside the ‘babies thrown out of incubators’ story from Gulf War I, and the ‘bayoneted babies’ story from 1914.