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Breedster, and a Joyce domain

Toys: My Breedster profile Argh, I’ve been infected by the Breedster STD!

Apparently, though, there’s a way around it through reincarnation, or — rumour has it — through touching Asriel, the bug with the power to heal.

In the meantime, paranoia reigns, and this time of crisis has brought out the worst in some bugs:

It’s an interesting piece of emergent net-art, if you ask me, but the STD is pissing me off. (it’s itchy!)

Literature: Ulysses:

The cat walked stiffly round a leg of the table with tail on high.

— Mkgnao!

— O, there you are, Mr Bloom said, turning from the fire.

The cat mewed in answer and stalked again stiffly round a leg of the table, mewing. Just how she stalks over my writingtable. Prr. Scratch my head. Prr.

Mr Bloom watched curiously, kindly the lithe black form. Clean to see: the gloss of her sleek hide, the white button under the butt of her tail, the green flashing eyes. He bent down to her, his hands on his knees.

— Milk for the pussens, he said.

— Mrkgnao! the cat cried.

They call them stupid. They understand what we say better than we understand them. She understands all she wants to. Vindictive too. Cruel. Her nature. Curious mice never squeal. Seem to like it. Wonder what I look like to her. Height of a tower? No, she can jump me.

— Afraid of the chickens she is, he said mockingly. Afraid of the chookchooks. I never saw such a stupid pussens as the pussens.

— Mrkrgnao! the cat said loudly. is available ;)

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