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‘Precision’ bombing, and iTMS Europe

War: A couple of war links, I’ll keep it short. ;)

High-profile air strikes ‘killed only civilians’. ‘The American military launched some 50 air strikes designed to kill specific targets during the Iraq war, it emerged yesterday, but none of them found its mark. Instead the air strikes had a high civilian toll, according to military officials serving at the time.’ Still, it sounded good, like as if CSI were doing all the war strategification and stuff ;)

And: the
Pentagon ‘Torture Memos’ took some tips
from the torture techniques used in Northern Ireland in the 1970s.

Music: Licensing row mars iTunes launch. UK indie labels report that ‘where Apple has spoken to labels the terms on offer have been commercial suicide’, and as a result, they won’t be selling their tunes via iTMS Europe.

I agree with Mark Twomey on this one — bad move. This (and the prices!) reduce the Euro-iTunes offering to about the usefulness of whatever that one is that have (you know, the one you can’t even remember the name of) — and nobody in Europe buys major-label music online anyway.

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