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Announcing a new script

Web: Minor software announcement — after some time using HTMLThumbnail, album, and even WebMake to build photo galleries, I finally got peeved enough, and gave in to the temptation of ‘not invented here’. ;)

Presenting Uffizi, a CSS- and template-driven, themable perl script to generate photo galleries. Quoting the POD:

  • it’s very self-contained, apart from dependencies on Image::Size and the ImageMagick convert command
  • fast, efficient incremental rebuilding
  • generates full CSS-styled, templated and valid HTML
  • every part of the generated HTML can be modified through the templates
  • generates reasonably-sized images as well as thumbnails, with a link to the full-sized image
  • secure — all pages are static HTML, so your webserver won’t get r00ted through a silly photo album script

I am, of course, using it on my own photo pages, and I’m very happy with it; it’s been a while since I had to hack it. (I need to get it to thumbnail MPEGs as well, but apart from that it’s teh nifty IMO.)

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