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RTE’s Bush Interview

TV: RTE’s ‘Prime Time’ secured a fantastic interview with GWB, with Carole Coleman asking a few very pointed questions. Watch it with RealPlayer, or listen to the audio in MP3 (2.7Mb).

There’s a pretty accurate transcript here:

Let me finish! How many times do I have to tell you how to do your job? See, I gotta insult France at least once. Then I gotta claim ‘merica to be the most generous nation in the whole wide world, even though it’s not true. And listen, let me mention that democracy in Pakistan, too. And guess what? I’m the first president to ever call for a Palestinian state and I’m damn proud of it – just look at the size of my smirk now. Listen, as long as I keep repeating myself and mouthing empty platitudes, you won’t have a chance to call me on any of the bullshit coming out of my mouth.

OK, the official one is here.

It appears that the White House just dropped the ball on this one; reportedly, they had her list of questions three days in advance, but given that they suggested that she ‘ask him a question on the outfit that Taoiseach Bertie Ahern wore to the G8 summit’ (!!!), they weren’t paying attention, and expected some kind of giggling moronic schoolgirl, or something.

Hilariously, the White House has since complained to RTE, the Irish Embassy, the Irish Government, and the reporter herself. Probably God, too. I doubt Prime Time will ever get a White House interview again, but given what they clearly expect from the poodles in the White House press corps, that’s hardly much of a loss.

(I’d love to see what’d happen if he had to deal with Paxman ;)

Also, went to see Fahrenheit 9/11. Fantastic movie, and best of all, incredibly well-attended.

My favourite moment: the reminder of just how easily the US news media sold itself out during the war. Seeing Katie Couric blurting ‘Navy Seals rock!!’ like some kind of starstruck 5-year-old with an Action Man toy, was a classic. It’s good to see that this will be immortalized in celluloid, as it was truly shocking at the time. (Not much has changed; Judith Miller is still writing for the NYT.)

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