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Hacking Netflix

Movies: Hacking Netflix, via torrez.

Jason Kottke points out a great quote on a Friendster cross-site scripting attack — this great quote: ‘We have a policy that we are not being hacked.’

He also speculates that Google used the GMail invite-network data for whitelisting — but whitelisting based on email address alone is trivially exploitable, so I’d doubt it.

I’m just back from a trip over to Cape Cod to meet family (halfway between here and Ireland, y’see ;) — lots and lots of luvverly lobster and sundry shellfish — and after a 6 day trip, had 5000 spams and a couple of thousand nonspam mails to deal with. Thankfully SpamAssassin dealt with the spams (only about 5 false negatives, no false positives I could spot) — but I’m going to have to do something about that volume of mail. drowning in the stuff. argh.