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Great SSH tip, and how to fix a KDE glitch

Unix: via Ted Leung, Adam Rosi-Kessel’s Linux Tips page has some very useful tips, and this one’s great — to avoid
getting SSH connection resets, add the following to your .ssh/config:

    serveraliveinterval 300
    serveralivecountmax 10 

This will insure (jm: sic) that ssh will occasional send an ACK type request every 300 seconds so that the connection doesn’t die.

As a similar tip that took a while to track down — KDE users who’ve upgraded between KDE releases, will probably by now have seen lots of messages like this:

  nameofapp (KIconLoader): WARNING: Icon directory /usr/share/icons/hicolor/
  group 48x48/stock/text not valid.

It took a bit of googling about to find the cure:

  • run in a shell (I cannot find this on any menu): kdebugdialog –fullmode
  • select: debug area: 264 kdecore (KIconLoader)
  • Change the Warning Output to ‘None’
  • select: OK