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Indymedia cross-border takedown reaches Slashdot

Web: The slashdot story. The comments contain a massive amount of noise, but there are some highlights…

Some details of the backend; it appears Indymedia need more mirrors, and the imc-tech list and #tech channel are the best contact locations to get in touch. The comment also notes that the Mir CMS used by most IMCs generates static HTML — which is a good thing! I hereby withdraw my kvetching about server-side dynamic scripting in that case ;)

The techie who ‘had the contract with Rackspace’ comments, and provides a link to his weblog, which contains copies of the trouble tickets.

He also notes that the possible illegal posting was a newswire submission — therefore not ‘published’ per se, just uploaded in the same way an unmoderated-up slashdot comment is.

And finally — he notes that the EFF are offering to represent himself and Indymedia pro bono. Yay EFF!

The Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) is currently assisting Indymedia investigate possible responses to the seizure of its information. More than 20 Indymedia-related websites, along with Indymedia’s online radio, were hosted on the servers, which were dedicated machines provided by Rackspace.

‘This seizure has grave implications for free speech and privacy. The Constitution does not permit the government unilaterally to cut off the speech of an independent media outlet, especially without providing a reason or even allowing Indymedia the information necessary to contest the seizure,’ said EFF Staff Attorney Kurt Opsahl.

This is great news. Top-secret takedowns are not a good thing, especially when they span three national borders…

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