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Cambodians Eager to Dine on Rats (fwd)

Funny: AFP: Cambodians Eager to Dine on Rats:

‘At first I just cooked them for my family to eat, but guests who tried them said they were tasty, so I started selling a few fried rats to the villagers,’ he said. Business boomed so he devoted his menu to them.

‘ We only eat the small rats — we dare not eat the big ones because they have too much hair.’

Big in Laos, too — although I don’t think I’ve heard of sit-down restaurants selling them. When I was travelling in Laos, one of the first tips I heard from other travellers was, ‘if you see something that looks like a fried rat — it is‘. urrgh.

(BTW, there’s actually good reasons not to eat rat-meat; wild rats and mice are truly filthy animals, vectors of all sorts of nasty diseases.)

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