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New Scientist’s psychic website

Web: The lovely C sent me a link of note — it’s the eglu, ‘the world’s most stylish and innovative chicken house and is the perfect way to keep chickens as pets’. (She has a thing about keeping chickens.)

So I was all set to link to that on, New Scientist’s nifty new xmas-pressies site; but — get this: it will not load in Firefox 1.0PR, 1.0, or Konqueror at all — in fact, using telnet, the site doesn’t actually respond to requests on port 80 from my linux desktop.

The only browser it seems to work with is MS Internet Explorer in VMWare, presumably using MSIE’s psychic powers to contact it without going through TCP/IP.

Mysteriously, it can be lynxed from my server in Ireland, but similarly doesn’t work for C’s Firefox installation on her desktop. How wierd!