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too busy worrying about patents to care about copyrights

Patents: oh, this is painfully ironic. is a PR site set up by EICTA, a consortium of several pro-software-patent multinational companies, to put some PR money into lobbying for the legalisation of swpats in the EU. I’ve mentioned it before in the context of another boo-boo. Well, here’s the next one.

According to FFII, they recently took a Creative-Commons-licensed article from another website, and:

  • republished it without the required attribution to the author
  • translated it, creating a ‘derived work’, against the terms of the license
  • and then failed to notify readers of the licensing terms, as required

In other words, they managed to infringe the terms of its copyright-based licensing in multiple clauses.

No wonder they claim that patents are required to protect people’s inventions. It seems they just don’t understand how copyright-based licensing works ;)

(The article’s been taken down from the p4i site, but not before the boo-boo was spotted by an eagle-eyed FFII’er.)

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