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A Firefox Extension plug

Web: Urgh, I still have this damn cold I picked up in Ireland… sniffle cough etc. More vitamin C needed!

Anyway, just a quick plug for a very deserving Firefox extension, one I haven’t seen mentioned widely. It’s pretty common, when you wish to print out a web page, that you wish you could get rid of the obnoxious extra-wide sidebar tables, gigantic ads, or other extraneous parts of the page. Well, now you can:

Nuke Anything is a Mozilla/Firefox extension which offers two great features in the right-click context menu:

  • Remove this object: this will remove the object you’ve right-clicked on — a table TD, paragraphs, images, IFRAMEs, etc.
  • Remove selection: more usefully, this allows you to select exactly what you want to remove with a left-button drag, then right-click to remove it.

It’s really useful. I almost never print anything out these days without scrubbing off a few unwanted sidebars ;)

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