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Annoying anti-arab Republican talking points, pt. xxviii

Politics: This moronic comic from Pat Oliphant came up in my comics page the other day, and, after a few days of hearing this particular talking point through the usual propaganda channels, I just saw it again. It pissed me off enough that I took a look at the stats.

Naturally, it’s bullshit. The top 50 governments pledging tsunami aid, per GDP:

  • Qatar (#2)
  • UAE (#5)
  • Kuwait (#9)
  • Bahrain (#10)
  • Saudi Arabia (#15)

Given that the USA’s at #29, and the UK at #22, I think the arab states are coming up with a pretty good result there.

I guess it’s hard to look beyond today’s talking points when you’re still drawing cartoons at the age of 70.