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Prescient tsunami spam

Spam: I was just looking back through the archives here on, and noticed this entry from December 2 last year:

A huge 300 ft. high ocean wave is moving towards your continent. Your and many other cities are in a real danger. Approximate wave moving speed is 700 km/h. cmoym eaaa yypbzz

Please read more about this catastrophe here: (link)

We are strongly urging you to evacuate yourself and your family as soon as possible, even though you may live far away from your city. The tsunami will reach the continent in approximately FOUR hours.

It appears that the spam was a phish attack — the site in question is full of Internet Exploder exploits. It was ‘targeted’, at least as well as such things ever are, at Australian readers. AUSCERT issued a warning about it at the time.

But how’s about that for timing? Spooky! What did those phishers know?

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