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Map: much interesting geowankery going on in London, where they suffer under the same Ordnance Survey monopoly as we do in Ireland.

This message to their mailing list notes a quote from IKONOS of $1,172.50 USD plus shipping for a 1m Color Geo referenced satellite image of central London, covering 67 square kilometers.

Given ‘enough processing’, data extracted from that map becomes a Derived Work, and have no copyright restrictions. ‘Processing’ includes ‘vector extraction, classification, etc.’

Now, I worked it out — central Dublin city centre covers about 3km x 4km. At the named rates for London, that works out at an inexpensive $210! Looks like it was imaged in September 2003.

There’s something interesting for a local geohacker to add to their list of projects ;)

(There’s also some old Landsat-7 data that may be usable.)

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