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Spamhaus article on ISPs hosting spam gangs

Spam: Should ISPs Be Profiting From Knowingly Hosting Spam Gangs? — a new article up on, well worth a read. Some snippets:

So where is this stealth proxy spamware sold and distributed from? For Send Safe the answer is,, hosted by MCI Worldcom.

… MCI executives have refused to stop providing service to these gangs, insisting that the sale and distribution of stealth spamming software is not against MCI’s policy.

… It’s no surprise therefore that MCI has consistently occupied first place in Spamhaus TOP 10 World Worst Spam Service ISPs chart, with over 200 spammers and spam gangs on the MCI network in full knowledge of the security managers and the General Counsel.

… MCI Worldcom’s official position on the issue is that MCI can’t stop their spam gangs selling proxy hijacking spamware from MCI’s network as that would be ‘censoring’ the distribution and sale of illegal proxy hijacking software.