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A highlight (or low-light) from the world of spam bounces

Spam: recently, I’ve been getting a lot of spam bounces; that is, messages sent by people’s autoresponders, in response to forged spam claiming to come from my domain. (I have an SPF record, but these autoresponders naturally don’t bother to check that before replying.)

I have a SpamAssassin ruleset which catches these, and it gets rid of the vast majority — but the odd wierd one gets past. This one caught my eye before I deleted it:

On October 5, 2004, I will be going to the Illinois Department of Corrections for approximately 18 months. If you wish to contact me, please snail mail me at: (address deleted)
Your letters will be forwarded to me and I will reply as soon as I receive them! Thanks…and please do write! Mail is vitally important! :-)

… ouch. Good luck to this guy, whoever he is…

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