How convenient does the ‘right thing’ have to be?

Environment: Kung Fu Monkey: Hybrids and Hypotheses. A great discussion of the Toyota Prius:

Kevin Drum recently quoted a study which re-iterated that there’s no “real” advantage to buying a hybrid. It’s only just as convenient — so if you’re driving a hybrid, you’re doing it for some other reason than financial incentive.

That made me think: what a perfect example of just how fucking useless as a society we’ve become. We can’t even bring ourselves to do the right thing when it’s only JUST as convenient as doing the wrong thing. And that’s not even considered odd. Even sadder.

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    Nice commentary there. FWIW, my immediate family has 3 Prius: my wife and I each have one (2001 & 2004 respectively, for statistics), and my mother in-law has a 2002. Great vehicles — they drive really nicely, they’re quiet, good features, a decent amount of cargo space ( and are interesting photos) … Not to mention the hybrid benefits: SULEV or PZEV emissions, and good gas mileage (my last fillup averaged 64.5 MPG for the single tank, woo!)