Emergent Chaos: I’m a Spamateur

Emergent Chaos: I’m a Spamateur:

In private email to Justin “SpamAssassin” Mason, I commented about blog spam and “how to fix it,” then realized that my comments were really dumb. In realizing my stupidity, I termed the word “spamateur,” which is henceforth defined as someone inexperienced enough to think that any simple solution has a hope of fixing the problem.

I think this is my new favourite spam neologism ;)

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  1. Guy Roberts
    Posted August 23, 2005 at 13:23 | Permalink

    Spamateur. I love it. All the people I interviewed for anti-spam jobs have taken it upon themselves to try and come up with “the solution” in the 60 minute interview, they are so convinced that the answer is just round the corner in their heads…its so fun just to watch them wriggle…