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Raw Food Crackpottery

Via RobotWisdom, a review of a new Primrose Hill cafe:

No wheat. No gluten. No sugar. No GMO. No dairy. No yeast. No shoes.

Yep, no shoes. If you want to enjoy the detoxifying glories of London’s first raw-food cafe, then please leave your clod-hoppers at the door, along with your high stress levels and your smart-arse scepticism.

I know of another cafe elsewhere which also offered a largely-raw menu. This one, however, shared a back alleyway with a shop where a friend of mine worked.

He noted that on several occasions, he’d seen rats near, or on, the pallets of plastic-wrapped fruit and vegetables. You see, the raw food was delivered to the kitchen door, where it laid outside for a short while — in the rat-infested alleyway. Rats crawling over your food, naturally, is not a good thing.

There’s a very good reason why some smart stone-age ancestor invented cooking our food — because it kills the germs that’ll make us sick!

Devotees claim that because the enzymes are destroyed when food is heated above 48C, our bodies have to utilise our own enzymes to break down the food, which can result in us feeling tired and run-down.

Yeah, devotees are pretty much talking crap there. ;) If anything, cooked food is easier to digest than raw. And good luck with the whole ‘getting by without using enzymes’ thing!

What a load of quackery.