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RFID in the Grauniad, and back in Dublin

Greetings from sunny Dublin, Ireland! (really!)

I’m now back in’s native timezone, although precariously set up and experiencing occasional interruptions. If you’re waiting for a mail from me, it may take a little more time.

I did have time to be interviewed last week by Karlin Lillington for this Guardian story:

To make sure customs agents could read his cat’s chip to match him to his Pet Passport on return to Europe, Mason bought his own scanner at a cost of some £200. “I didn’t want to risk the cat being impounded for six months’ quarantine at Heathrow,” he sighs.

It’s true.

Happy to be back — I think. Looking forward to my first pints, in over a year, of creamy Guinness in its native habitat. I also have a couple of half-written weblog entries I wrote on the plane, too…