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US Things I Miss

So, I’ve been back in Ireland for several weeks now. How goes the culture shock? Well, let’s make a list of the stuff I’m missing from California:

  • C, who’s still back there finishing up her contract. Hurry up, C!

  • All my friends I left behind in the US :( Come visit!

  • The weather (well duh)

  • Trader Joes: low-cost, high-quality organic and near-organic food

  • The excellent Mexican and Southern food. Mmm, Taco Mesa

  • Super-cheap cocktails — although having good Guinness makes up for a lot of this

  • The back country — desert, mountains, snow, national parks. Ireland may have more surviving history dotted about, but it’s just flat. I miss the mountains

  • Netflix — haven’t spotted a replacement for this yet. There are companies in Ireland that use a similar idea, but it appears every one just about manages to screw it up and render it useless, generally by introducing throttling, late fees, or slow turnaround. meh

  • The way my Irish accent meant I could get away with pretty much anything. That trick doesn’t work in Ireland ;)

In other news: the broadband choices situation has pretty much gone to shit.

It turns out that all the good options are quite dependent on local-loop unbundling, which — somehow — still hasn’t gotten around to my local exchange. As a result, guess who’s going to be stuck on the wrong end of dialup, no less, for “2 to 3 weeks” until Eircom deign to switch on the bitstream access for my new BT-resold ADSL connection? Here’s hoping there’s a neighbour with broadband and wifi when I move back in. Joy.