We Win

ongoing: The ASF Server:

Tim Bray: Which Apache project burns the most resources?

Mads: Spamassassin by a wide margin. […]

Heh, we win ;)

Helios, the Zones server, has been an incredible resource for us. SpamAssassin isn’t a traditional open-source software project in one respect: we use a lot of centralized “phone home” infrastructure to support rule and score generation. Having a virtualized server of this quality and horsepower to use for this has been fantastic.

(thanks to John O’Shea for the pointer!)

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  1. Posted March 8, 2006 at 19:06 | Permalink

    Haha. Yeah, I’ve been wondering if we’re using more than our fair share of resources on Helios. If it comes up as an issue, I have a bit of extra resources available on my servers which the project could use. That doesn’t help our “keep it on ASF infrastructure” goal, but for some stuff it may not matter (I’m specifically thinking about mass-checks and such since it’s third party results anyway).