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Coffee and Trivia

Just got a new cafetiere, so I can finally switch back from instant coffee to the real deal again for my morning coffee. My productivity has doubled. Still no DSL, though — early next week is the current estimate, and I can hardly wait.

I went to a pub quiz last night with mates Macker, Tom and Alan — a benefit for a new Dublin theatre company, I think. The prizes were:

  • First prize: several 50 Euron vouchers for various Dublin eateries
  • Second prize: two fancy scarves, a Nivea women’s cosmetics kit, and a very metrosexual Nivea bath kit for a guy
  • Third prize: 4 bottles of nice wine

We did very nicely — “aglet” was correctly defined for instance — but not nicely enough. Put it this way: guess who’s wearing Nivea deodorant?