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Public Transit == Crime

I just received a very nice info-pack through my front door regarding the new Dublin Metro line, which is in planning at the moment; it seems they’re soliciting feedback from residents near the proposed routes. Nicely done.

Right now, Dublin has an embarrassment of good public transit, at least when compared to my previous home in Orange County. There, public transit is actively campaigned against.

My favourite claim: that it ‘increases crime’ — in other words that poor people from Santa Ana would come down to Irvine and steal stuff, which they couldn’t do with vehicular transport, for some reason.

The OC Weekly thought it was pretty funny, too — and an opposing group comprehensively debunked it. Still, it seemed to work; while I was living in Irvine, I got to see the Centerline proposal gradually whittled down until it was finally killed off. During that time, in contrast, Dublin built the Luas.

Unfortunately it doesn’t exactly go where I want to go, but you can’t always have everything. ;)