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RSS Feeds for Events in Dublin

So, now that I’m back in Dublin, I’ve taken a quick look around for ways to keep up to date on upcoming live gigs — and found that the situation, frankly, sucks. In particular, almost none of the sites are offering RSS or Atom feeds yet.

Having said that, Waxy and Leonard‘s is doing quite nicely for the Dublin metro area:

And lots of credit for the promoter, MCD, who seem to be just about the only Irish listings site who offer RSS:

This is fantastic, but — naturally — they don’t cover events put on by their competitors. ;)

Apart from that, it’s pretty shoddy. Lots of late-90’s-looking websites out there, and no feeds in sight. Thankfully, Feed43, and some perl scripting, is on hand to allow me to take matters into my own hands.

Entertainment Ireland offer a pretty good music news section — but sans feed. Feed43 saves the day:

And, surprisingly, Ticketmaster, of all sites, is turning out to be a great way to find out what’s on in Dublin, listing pretty much all ticketed events in a nice, clean, succinct format. Unfortunately, the highest location resolution it offers for Ireland is the country as a whole. However, this can be worked around by subscribing to individual venues, such as Crawdaddy or The Village. (This has a happy side-effect of narrowing down the types of music — I can skip finding out that The Eagles are playing, since they won’t be playing at Crawdaddy ;)

For some reason, though, Ticketmaster haven’t got around to offering their own RSS feeds. Not a problem — in response I’ve hacked up tm2rss.cgi, a little script which scrapes the venue pages and produces RSS:

For other venues, simply take the venue URL (for example, for The Village), add the numeric venue ID in place of NNNNN in this URL: , then use that as the Feed URL in your feed reader.