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Peoplefeeds and Quick Aggregation

peoplefeeds is cool.

I’ve been looking for something to can aggregate my Flickr, WordPress blog, and feeds into one venue where I can look up items by tag, in a single page-load.

Suprglu was my leading contender, although they weren’t there yet since they didn’t seem to support importing my blog posts with tags preserved — pretty much everything wound up tagged as “uncategorized“. disappointing. :( so I was waiting for them to fix that.

This post by Richard MacManus pointed at another couple of options; 43Things and Peoplefeeds. I hadn’t actually noticed that 43Things was doing this kind of aggregation too; unfortunately as far as I can see, they doesn’t support tag preservation and browsing, so there goes my desired feature. shame.

However, Peoplefeeds was right on target, offering a ‘Unified Tagspace’ and a ‘Search All-Personal-Content’ mechanism. It works nicely, too. Here’s my personal aggregator, combining my Flickr feed, my weblog feed, and my feed into one — and with a unified tag-space; here’s my ‘hiking’ tag, hitting all 3 feeds. Perfect.

One other use for this — I’ve forgotten why I was looking for one of these, but I know I did want one ;) — it can be used to make a “private planet“. If you have 3 or 4 feeds that you need to combine into one, this provides a very easy way to do that; just set up a userid at Peoplefeeds for that purpose.