Single-Letter Google Hits

Here’s what happens when you search for single letters on Google:

Interestingly I got to see the new Google search results page, with the sidebar, once. It must be in the process of rolling out…

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  1. Posted April 29, 2006 at 23:47 | Permalink

    Damnit, I’ve been getting that results page for ages now – at least a week. All the damn time. I wish I could get rid of it – I find it a much less good use of space.

    And the ads at the bottom mean I forget that there’s a second page of results, if I haven’t found anything useful in the first.

    Wanna swap? You can have my new Google, and I’ll take your old one :-)

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  3. Posted April 30, 2006 at 13:31 | Permalink

    Tony — that occurred to me, but the page is entirely in english, and there’s no sign of “l’Europe” or anything similar there; ditto in the Google cached copy of that page. I don’t think that’s it.

  4. Posted April 30, 2006 at 13:35 | Permalink

    Ah, I’ve got it. While the page may not refer to “l’Europe” itself, many links from other sites to it probably do.

  5. David Malone
    Posted May 1, 2006 at 10:06 | Permalink

    Single digits produce some weird results too.

  6. Aaron
    Posted May 4, 2006 at 18:22 | Permalink

    L has now changed. International Herald Tribune, L’Oreal, have all jumped ahead of the Council of Europe.

    The IHT is still strange, though.

  7. mark
    Posted May 12, 2006 at 04:29 | Permalink

    I’m just confused as to how “s” results in McDonald’s.. weird! :D

  8. Posted May 12, 2006 at 10:34 | Permalink

    mark — “McDonald’s” — Google’s tokenizer considers the apostrophe to be a word-break, so treats “McDonald’s” as two words:

    • “McDonald”
    • “s”