5 Years of taint.org

Five years ago, on 15 May 2001, I started writing this weblog.

Subject matter started with a forward of something odd from the Forteana list — ‘Why Finns are sick of illnesses named after them’. In terms of subject matter, I started the weblog to reduce the amount of forwards I was passing on by email to other groups — hence the preponderance of forteana posts early on.

Nowadays, by contrast, I try to write original ramblings^Wresearch for the main part of the site, and the occasional “fresh bits” I unearth elsewhere are kept separate, posted to the link-blog at del.icio.us/jm.

However, the real reason I started the thing was to act as an experiment in using WebMake as a blog platform — at least, that was the excuse. It worked quite successfully, for what it’s worth — but in mid-August 2005, I eventually accepted that there weren’t enough hours in the day to maintain a weblogging CMS, and its templates, as well as everything else, and that I didn’t really need to test WebMake’s abilities any more, and switched to WordPress. I’m glad I did; WP is a great piece of software.

So what’s been the biggest hit on taint.org, by far? Here it is: http://taint.org/xfer/2004/kittens.jpg . Lots and lots of Google Image referrers, MySpace hotlinkers, etc. etc. ;) It’s a top hit for a GIS search for [kittens], I think.

Random stats, based on April’s logs:

  • About 81247 hits were received during April to the RSS 2.0 feed (the default), 9921 to the Atom feed, and 7795 for the RSS 1.0 rendering. That indicates that format-wars-wise, people just use the default. ;)
  • Assuming the RSS reader apps average out to 1 HTTP GET every 30 mins (as Bloglines and Apple’s reader do), that means there are somewhere around (98963 / (30 * 24 * 2)) = 68 subscribers.
  • In terms of the old style browser-using readership — there were 44926 hits on the front page using web browsers.
  • AWStats claims 2700 visits per day, from around 33000 visitors per month. I find the latter figure hard to believe.

After the front page and the feeds, the scraped RSS feeds at http://taint.org/scraped/ come second, Threadless beating out Perry Bible Fellowship by a little bit.

Top stories last month, based on hits:

  • http://taint.org/2006/04/29/230814a.html — Single-Letter Google Hits
  • http://taint.org/2006/01/20/220239a.html — the SweetheartsConnection.com Scam (still attracting comments from scammees!)
  • http://taint.org/2004/04/15/033025a.html — really outdated stats on GMail’s spam filtering accuracy
  • http://taint.org/2006/04/20/213624a.html — Automatically Invoking screen(1) on Remote Logins
  • http://taint.org/2006/04/15/134751a.html — Google Calendar
  • http://taint.org/2006/04/03/121837a.html — A Gotcha With perl’s “each()”
  • http://taint.org/2005/08/06/024026a.html — The Life of a SpamAssassin Rule
  • http://taint.org/2006/04/21/133432a.html — Phishing and Inept Banks
  • http://taint.org/2006/04/06/210519a.html — RSS Feeds for Events in Dublin
  • http://taint.org/2006/04/13/140841a.html — BT DSL’s Daily Disconnects

Technorati says there are 514 links from 105 sites. I still don’t know what the hell that means. ;)

Update: I’ve remembered that, before I started blogging at taint.org, I kept a diary at Advogato, which dates all the way back to March 2000!

Also, here are some pretty graphs from the graph-top-referers script:

The several slashdottings and a Boing Boinging are quite clear ;)

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  1. Posted May 15, 2006 at 22:29 | Permalink

    The technorati thing refers to the amount of link love you have :) 514 would put you very high on the list of Irish blogs / bloggers

  2. Posted May 18, 2006 at 13:46 | Permalink

    I wonder if you’re the elder statesman of Irish blogging? Some of Tom Cosgrave’s initial cohort were blogging in late 2000 but they skidded off the information superhighway after graduating from college. Your numbers kick mine into submission–all the more impressive if you’re sucking out of the dial-up straw.

  3. Posted May 18, 2006 at 14:33 | Permalink

    Bernie —

    hey — I thought you were the elder statesman of Irish blogging! I was under the impression that “Underway in Ireland” had been running since 2000, at least…

    ps: I’m on broadband again, thankfully. I’d have gone insane if I was still on dial-up ;)