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Web x, where x != 2.0

Regarding the O’Reilly/CMP “Web 2.0 (SM)” trademark shitstorm, Sean McGrath humourously suggested a workaround — using a different revision number instead of “2.0”, specifically e, 2.71….

However, it’s not quite that simple in many jurisdictions, apparently. It seems that trademark law — in the US, at least — allows trademarks which include a number to also cover uses within roughly plus or minus 10 of that number. In other words, CMP’s application will cover the range from Web -8.0 (SM) (assuming negative numbers are included?) to Web 12.0 (SM).

So much for “Web 3.0”, “Web 2.1”, “Web 2.71…”, and so on. Back to the drawing board, Sean! ;)

(disclaimer: IANAL, of course. Credit to Craig for that tidbit.)

Update: doh, got the value of e wrong…