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Ecch – that must have been poisonous! –more–

Since consuming a misjudged sossie at a BBQ last Saturday, I’ve been suffering from a stomach bug, causing nausea, sweating and the occasional vomit (never fun). On top of this, I spent Monday to Wednesday in Serbia on a work trip.

The result — I’ve managed to miss the entirety of ApacheCon EU 2006 in Dublin. I considered dropping down to catch the end of it this morning, but had to abort the attempt due to a bout of in-transit nausea.

All in all, a pretty miserable week. :(

Update: here’s something vaguely uplifting — a cover of Europe’s ‘Final Countdown’ in Khmer.

Update 2: wow, that little stomach bug has been wreaking havoc — over the weekend 3 more people laid low in our social group. sorry all…