Daily Archives: July 7, 2006

A Released Perl With Trie-based Regexps!

Good news! From the Perl 5.9.2 ‘perl592delta’ change log: The regexp engine now implements the trie optimization : it’s able to factorize common prefixes and suffixes in regular expressions. A new special variable, ${^RE_TRIE_MAXBUF}, has been added to fine-tune this optimization. in other words, the trie-optimization patch contributed by demerphq back in March 2005 is […]

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Linksys NSLU2 Contemplation

These days, I shouldn’t have time for after-hours hobby projects; I should be organising weddings and so on. But it’s a compulsion. ;) As a result, here’s some notes I’ve been keeping on building a home NAS (network-attached storage) server, using the nifty little Linksys NSLU2: http://taint.org/wk/BuildingNasServer Anyone done this? Care to leave a comment […]

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