Linksys NSLU2 Contemplation

These days, I shouldn’t have time for after-hours hobby projects; I should be organising weddings and so on. But it’s a compulsion. ;)

As a result, here’s some notes I’ve been keeping on building a home NAS (network-attached storage) server, using the nifty little Linksys NSLU2:

Anyone done this? Care to leave a comment noting the results? I’m curious.

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  1. Posted July 8, 2006 at 03:30 | Permalink

    I’ve got a Slug serving up access to a pair of 250GB USB disks, using the Unslung firmware. Works great; no problems. It’s almost disappointly boring to get working — it seems like a great weekend project but if you buy it Saturday morning, it’ll be set up not too long after lunch…

  2. Posted July 8, 2006 at 04:19 | Permalink

    I got into this a couple of years back, at my most interested I had 4 slugs setup with various hard-drives. Currently I only run one of them (videos to be played on a d-link device under the TV), and mean to fix another one which seemed to stop working when I moved.

    I made the mistake of using the default ext2 filesystem and not figuring out how to move to FAT. When I later wanted to hook the drives up to a variety of OS X, Windows and Linux boxes I regretted it.

    Running out of disk space is a pain. You have two drives, but one is the unslung one and less easy to upgrade (probably just needs a ‘dd’ while attached to a machine or on the slug itself though – I’ve never tried).

    OpenSlug is the promised much improved version that allows more than two drives and other advantages, but it doesn’t look as simple as unslung to install.

    My ultimate aim was to get Nagios working on them and have little devices I could plug into a network for monitoring. Add nmap to make them autosensing or something :)

    Anyway, that’s how it went. It was fun, but definitely on a back burner at the moment.

  3. Posted July 9, 2006 at 19:29 | Permalink

    wow, sounds great! That easy, eh?

    now to decide if I should do this before or after getting hitched ;)