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‘Small Engine Repair’

Last Friday, I visited the Galway Film Fleadh to see the Irish premiere of a new feature-length movie called Small Engine Repair, which was directed by a mate of mine called Niall Heery.

I loved it — funny, extremely black comedy, reminded me a lot of The Deer Hunter in visual style, but unmistakably Irish at the same time. (Blog movie reviews seem to be out of favour right now, so I’ll leave it at that.)

Here’s hoping it picks up wider distribution very soon — it deserves to be big, I think. Nice one, Niall! Happily, the voters of the Fleadh agreed — it went on to win the Best First Feature award.

Actually, it’s been a good year for friends and family at the Fleadh — I note that my cousin, Eoin Ryan, picked up first prize for Best Irish Short Animation with his excellent short, Demon. cool!