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What Jeff Killed

What Jeff Killed is a blog from Shadow Hills, CA, documenting the murderous antics of Jeff, a large ginger tomcat:

we provide Jeff with food and water; however, this does little to lessen his killer instinct. To humans, Jeff is an exceptionally good-tempered and friendly cat; to rodents and other small animals, he is death itself. It could be that Jeff likes to bring us gifts to repay our hospitality. Perhaps he is simply a hardwired killing machine. All we know for certain is that he hunts down a wide variety of small animals and disembowels, decapitates, and dines on them. Often.

This was passed on by the lovely C, who noted ‘number of kills is about the same, cat for cat’ — indeed, Bubba, our cat, certainly had a similar career in Irvine, CA. However, I notice that as yet, there are no cases where Jeff has left the entrails and decapitated head of a rabbit lying up against the sandals of the neighbour’s 6 year old daughter… that was fun.