Working out electricity costs for your appliances and hardware

This question came up on a forum I’m on. It turns out it’s really quite easy to work out — this page covers pretty much all the details.

In addition to what’s there, it’s worth noting that the current Irish price for a kilowatt-hour under the ESB’s domestic rate is 12.73 cents per kWh, which works out as 14.41 cents per kWh once the 13.5% VAT is added in. So Irish users, pretend you live in New Hampshire (15 cents per kWh) to get realistic figures from the excellent cost calculator.

Using this, it looks like if I was to leave an 160W desktop computer on permanently in Ireland, I’d be spending 215 euros per year to power it. Wow, that’s pricey! My strategy of using low-noise, low-power hardware for home servers has paid off already, in that case. ;)

For what it’s worth, if you’re worrying about the power consumption of an NTL digital Pace Digital TV set-top box — if this Pace presentation is anything to go by, it appears the standby power consumption is on the order of 1-2 watts — about 2 euros per year. Grand.

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  1. David Malone
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    I found a fun toy for this in Maplin about a year ago. It’s a multi-metre plug. It’s like a plug with a LCD display and will measure various things like the mains frequency, voltage, number of watts or amps the appliance is drawing. You can even use it to do cumulative kWh. We’ve been using it to compare how much things use on standby compared to when they are fully on.

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