An Post: 75% lost-parcels rate so far

I don’t know what’s going on with An Post, the Irish postal service, these days — I’ve been having some pretty bad luck with them.

For my birthday, I was lucky enough to be given a Thingamagoop — it took a while (hey, they’re hand-made) but was shipped on Nov 7th from the US. Bleep Labs accidentally shipped me two, apparently, but only one has arrived — on Nov 16th, 9 days after shipping. The other one’s still AWOL nearly a month later.

I then ordered something from on Nov 17th, as a birthday gift for Nov 30th. It was shipped from their Belfast offices on Nov 18th, and still hasn’t arrived to date. Sendit were champs, however, and refunded the purchase as soon as I rang them on the 30th (I’d recommend their services, no problem).

Finally, SpamAssassin was lucky enough to win a Linux New Media Award 2006 for ‘Best Linux-based Anti-spam Solution’ — nifty! As part of this, a (physical) trophy is apparently winging its way from Germany, and was apparently shipped on November 27th. Guess what: no sign.

In other words, in the past month, 75% of the parcels sent to me seem to have gone AWOL. All I can do is hope that they’ve just been delayed, rather than suffer a worse fate. In particular, I hope that trophy turns up — it’s the only physical award we’ve ever received :(

Can anyone think of a good avenue to track these down? The website seems pretty negative, and what I’ve heard seems to be along the lines of ‘turn up at the sorting depot, cross your fingers, and see if they’ve been misdelivered’. Ick.

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  1. Posted December 4, 2006 at 20:02 | Permalink

    That’s pretty bad. Personally, I’ve been having problems for months getting anything delivered in the Blackrock area. I often get letters 3+ weeks after they’re sent.

    Probably why I’ve started using my work address for most things… (and are usually pretty good about items which haven’t turned up. Let them know and they should dispatch it again. It’s already missed the deadline, but it might actually turn up

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  3. David Malone
    Posted December 6, 2006 at 21:26 | Permalink

    I’ve usually found An Post fairly good, but recently I’ve heard several people complain of problems. My mom is missing some replacement drive bands for her vacuum cleaner, it took 30 days for me to get a book from the UK (though another book arrived in 3 days) and today I heard of a some books comming from China that took 3 days to get from China to Ireland and 6 weeks to get to him once they got here.

    I wonder if there’s some relatively recent problem, or if I’ve just got lucky!

  4. Posted December 11, 2006 at 12:32 | Permalink

    I need to write a followup post about this. There was good and bad news.

    Firstly the good news — the trophy was delivered successfully — it turns out it had been sent via UPS, not via general post.

    The bad news — I got to chat to someone in An Post about this. He had quite a bit of interesting info, notably that we no longer have a parcel postman for our area at all due to staffing reductions! Parcel deliveries are now only undertaken by other postal staff if they happen to be driving past, and feel like dropping in a few parcels.

    That would certainly explain matters, if true.

    I need to get some time to ring up and try to confirm this, etc.

    In the meantime, however, I’ve had no trouble in having no less than two xmas cards from an Taoiseach Bertie delivered via the post. yeah, thanks a bunch, Bertie…

  5. Posted December 19, 2006 at 14:53 | Permalink

    I had a similar problem , with a replacement hard drive from Dell. Problem was that the laptop was useless without it, and 2 out of the 3 drives went missing in the post.

    You could argue that Dell should know better than send valuable items in the post (even though the harddrive is specific to a certain type of notebook), but they seem to accept the loss as a cost of doing business in Ireland.

  6. Kevin
    Posted September 9, 2008 at 11:25 | Permalink

    I can’t believe how bad an Post has become. Years ago I waited 2 months for a parcel from Wales, while it sat in limbo in Dublin. Still, most of my shipments and mail were delivered and sent. This month, I’ve sent a parcel to England that was to arrive in “3 days”, which is now 3 weeks and still no delivery. How is this worth €30?

    This year, every one of my online orders have arrived after weeks instead of days. This is a disgrace! What sort of developed nation allows their postal service to suffer so? I’ve little doubt that an Post’s performance is directly related to their staffing. And after years of post office closings and staff reductions, we’re left with worse than a 3rd World postal service.

  7. Kevin
    Posted September 9, 2008 at 11:32 | Permalink

    Remember this story? So there is still no replacement for SDS? That would explain why parcels aren’t sent or delivered.

  8. Mark
    Posted March 23, 2009 at 21:06 | Permalink

    The reason that things go missing especially lately is because An post is a state company and the sterling is weak, It attracts to many Irish people buying online, This causes huge revenue loss for the country, So therefor an Inside job is specially constructed to make things go missing so that it bolsters peoples confidence in online shopping and takes you back to the high street where the government get the vat and tax on profits, If you buy online with a company within republic it will be delivered guaranteed,

  9. colm
    Posted November 4, 2009 at 11:27 | Permalink

    Hi! Back in 2004 we ordered some hardware from Austria and received it within a week. We sent it from Cork to Waterford by An Post EMS/SDS. They lost it and paid Euro245 max insurance value. The goods were valued at Euro 1,300.00. This is hidden in the small print so beware.