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Backscatter in InformationWeek

Yay! Kudos to Richi Jennings, who’s been trumpeting the dangers of backscatter to InformationWeek recently. It’s a great article. I particularly like how it digs up this impressively off-the-mark quote:

Tal Golan, CTO, president, and founder of Sendio, maker of a challenge/response e-mail appliance used by more than 150 enterprise consumers, disagrees strongly with Jennings’s assertion that challenge-based filtering has problems. “Without question, the benefit to the whole community at large drastically outweighs that FUD [fear, uncertainty, and doubt] that’s out there in the marketplace that somehow challenge/response makes the problem worse,” he says. “The real issue is that filters don’t work. From our perspective, challenge/response is the only solution. This whole concept of backscatter is just not true. Very, very rarely do spammers forge the e-mail addresses of legitimate companies anymore.”

hahahaha. Well, since last Thursday, “very very rarely” translates as “214 MB of backscatter in my inbox”. The facts aren’t on Tal Golan’s side here…

(PS: SpamAssassin 3.2.0 will include backscatter detection.)

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