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5 things

Tagged by richi! drat. OK, here are 5 things you probably don’t know about me:

  1. I’m a certified SCUBA diver, at PADI Advanced Open Water Diver level. (oh, look, so’s Tom Raftery!)

  2. I generally try to avoid meeting my heroes, since I get quite tongue-tied in the presence of people I admire — I once stammered “I think you’re brilliant” at Alex Paterson, instead of anything more witty or interesting.

  3. I met my wife at a student occupation in university, where her knowledge of the science and nature questions in Trivial Pursuit, and amazing looks of course, got me hooked ;)

  4. I could listen to Brian Eno’s Taking Tiger Mountain By Strategy and Here Come The Warm Jets on repeat for several weeks, if necessary.

  5. I was a child model, modelling (among other things) underpants for Dunnes Stores! It’s all been downhill since then, really ;)

Passing it on: go for it, Brendan, Colm, Lisey, and Jason.