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Irish Blog Awards 2007

Well, that was fun! didn’t make the shortlists, but I went along anyway just to hang out — and lots of chat was had accordingly. Got to finally meet up with a few people I’d chatted with online, like Nialler9 — and with a few old friends I don’t get to see often enough: Antoin, Elana, Brendan, Clare Dillon (ex-Iona!), and another ex-Ionian, Aisling Mackey. A good laugh.

Have to say though, it seems a vote from me was the kiss of death in many of the categories: Sarah Carey, Blogorrah, Ireland from a Polish perspective, and (the late lamented) TCAL all got my thumbs-up in the shortlist voting, and all wound up missing out on the chunk’o’lucite. Sorry about that guys. ;)

Thanks again to Damien for organising the whole do! It’s great to have an event like this to bring each of our disparate blogs physically together for a bit of community.

By the way I’d like to point out that, in contrast to the Blogorrah Bock the Robber mafiosi, I had a real moustache… ;)