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Twitter and

Walter Higgins says:

It’s just occurred to me why I don’t like twitter – It doesn’t fulfill any need that isn’t already fulfilled by I usually post a note alongside each bookmark which lets me micro-blog (post short comments without having to think too much). If I want to signal to someone to take a look at the bookmarked item I just tag it for:[nameofperson] which I suppose you could loosely call ‘chat’. Since I gave up personal blogging, has fulfilled a need for short-hand blogging. Thinking about it – twitter is like but without the bookmarks – viewed in that light it really is hard to understand why anyone would use twitter.

To my mind, though, there’s a big difference:

  • My page is where I post things I’m reading, and things I think others may be interested in reading;

  • My twitter page is where I post things I’m doing, and chat.

There’s no way I’d try to hold a conversation in my bookmarks! ;) Different tools for different uses.