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About the title change

The eagle-eyed may have spotted a change that took place a month or two ago in the configuration — I ditched the old weblog tagline.

Previously, this weblog was titled “ Happy Software Prole”. This title had been in place since around October 2003, when Daniel Lyons wrote a particularly idiotic article for Forbes entitled “Linux’s Hit Men”, which I took umbrage to:

Here we go again — the old ‘free software is communism’ line […] The article goes on to bemoan how software companies who write proprietary extensions into GPL-licensed software, have to comply with the terms of the license. It’s all a bit of an obvious dig — but I am looking forward to the follow-up article — that’s the one where the author bemoans how commercial software companies send out their ‘enforcers’ to extort money from companies who don’t bother paying the royalties and runtime license fees their licenses require.

As an free/open-source-software guy, I happily adopted ‘happy software prole’ as an absurd tagline, in the spirit of detournement. Fast-forward to 3.5 years on, however, and I’d say most people can’t even remember the Forbes article, or that Daniel Lyons guy! So that tagline was a bit old and busted, really.

On top of this, I’d noticed something I do in my weblog reading — I’ve started renaming blogs in the feed reader from their fancy title, to simply the name of the author.

I’ve found that when reading blogs, I’m interested in who’s writing. When skimming through the feeds of a morning, having to spend 5 seconds to recall that “” is Robin Blandford is just a wee bit superfluous, sorry Robin. ;)

As a favour for readers, I’ve saved them the trouble, and renamed the blog to be quite explicit about who’s writing; the tagline is now just “ Justin Mason’s Weblog”. Let’s face it — it’s a bit functional. Hopefully it’s helpful, though!

(And finally, it gives me the edge in the ongoing Google war against the non-me “Justin Masons” out there… and against a heart surgeon and a Texan basketball player, I need it. ;)