Screenclick improve their site

Yay! They now have a proper queue! Also member reviews and other improvements — it seems a lot better.

Can’t figure out how to change my password, though ;)

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  1. Posted April 12, 2007 at 19:01 | Permalink

    Hi Justin,

    I had seen them a few years ago, but didn’t try them.

    Funny you write about them, because they came up in my mind again.

    I have decided to try their free trial.

    A few questions: – What service did you go for? – Do you have TV (cable/satellite, etc)? – have anything ever gone wrong (with Screenclick of courwe:) )?

    ta, bernard

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    hi Bernard —

    I earlier was pretty underwhelmed, and wrote about it here.

    Since then, though, they’ve got rid of the silly “wishilst” in favour of the much more useful “queue” model (so now I can interleave girlie crap movies for C with decent movies for myself, instead of trusting the luck of the draw), and generally improved their site.

    It’s also pretty expensive compared to Netflix in the US, and most people I’ve talked to about it are not planning to use it for that reason. (pretty much all of my friends in the US subscribed to Netflix because it was at the right price-point, so this is an important factor.)

    I’m still subscribed, though, since with a baby on the way we’ll have no time to do anything but watch DVDs. ;)

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    oh yeah: also we’re on the 2-DVDs-at-a-time service, and we have cable TV too.

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    Hi Justin,

    Thanks for the info. Jeez, I hope they are better than when you last wrote about them.

    I did note on their Ts&Cs that refund were at their descretion..I never really like to see that being noted. Never leads to a good solution!

    The delivery was one thing I was kinda worried about – since the use An Post (in)famous delivery..which is always on time.

    I will watch paint dry on the wall, whereas the other person in the house has strict tastes (all that foreign language stuff) – lets see how their catelogue works out.

    thanks for the tips, bernard

    PS: Oh congratulations on the pending arrival, and the house moving! Nice to see nice things happening to nice people, an’ stuff….

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    Cheers ;)

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    If you try to cancel, don’t be surprised if An Post suddenly become incapable of delivering your DVD back to Screenclick. You might also receive an email from Screenclick (a day too late), advising you to get proof of postage. Of course they don’t advise you to get proof of postage for every DVD you send back to them – this would make their service worse than useless – just the last one for some reason. If you query the fact that they’re still charging your monthly fee, you’ll get a suspiciously standard email back with links to report missing items to An Post.

  7. Shay
    Posted August 9, 2008 at 20:44 | Permalink

    I’ve tried Screenclick and Moviestar and was not overly happy with them to be honest, do you guys have any experience with online dvd rentals?