A week of Bertiespam

We’re in the run-up to a general election here in Ireland, and I live in Bertie’s constituency. For the past year or so, things have been pretty quiet, but in the last week there’s been a sudden flurry of activity and direct postal mail from Bertie’s office — and from many departments of local government, too:

Mon Apr 23:

  • Fianna Fail: “Fianna Fail delivers on education in Dublin Central”, tabloid newspaper.

  • direct from the office of Bertie: a photocopied letter from the Environmental Health Officers of Dublin City Council about the standards of rented houses “in my area”.

Tues Apr 24:

  • HSE: “Parents Who Listen, Protect” leaflet, a full-colour glossy handbook “on building good communication in families and communities” “as part of a national initiative on child protection”.

  • Dept of Environment: a leaflet on the “National Climate Change Strategy, 2007-2012, Main Points”. Printed on recycled paper, naturally ;)

Fri Apr 27:

  • Fianna Fail Senator Cyprian Brady: “dear resident, please vote for me” — one-page full-colour glossy.

  • Spring 2007 “Central News”, “Official Voice of Fianna Fail in Dublin Central”, a 16-page tabloid newspaper, featuring stories like “Smithfield: the Temple Bar of the Northside” (like Temple Bar, but with more winos and Children’s Court, and less stuff!)

Mon Apr 30:

  • HSE: “Need a doctor urgently? Call D-DOC out-of-hours GP service”, full-colour glossy leaflet.

  • from Bertie: Evening of Election Letter. “Good evening constituents” etc.

It’s a veritable flood of full-colour glossies! Could be worse, I suppose — I hear the PDs have been blanketing selected Dublin constituencies in free books. However I suspect grimy Dublin 7 is a little off their list (see “winos”, above).

It’s worth noting that a good half of this flood (which I’ve coined Bertiespam to describe) isn’t from Bertie’s constituency office — it’s from government departments like the HSE and the Department of Environment. It’s funny that we hadn’t heard a peep from them all year, then once an election looms — “here come the voters! look busy!” ;)

What bertiespam have you been getting?

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  1. Gavin Mc
    Posted May 1, 2007 at 14:42 | Permalink

    I also live in Bertie’s constituency (Dublin 1). However, I’m not on the electoral register there yet. I haven’t had a single note (all my spam is from the local fast food joints). So it seems the HSE et al are only informing the electorate of their good work. Seeing as they’re not accountable to the electorate, it seems likely the prime motivator must be someone who is.

  2. David Malone
    Posted May 1, 2007 at 19:50 | Permalink

    To be fair, the D-DOC out-of-hours GP service sounds really cool. We’ve heard about it from the public health nurses who run the mother and baby group.

    If anyone is interested, I saved a copy of the 2002 program for government.

  3. Posted May 2, 2007 at 21:57 | Permalink

    I’m also in Bertie’s electoral area – just had Mary Lou’s crowd passing through.

    The most annoying thing about ‘them all’ is that they ring your doorbell just to hand you a leaflet. I have a glass door and, at this stage, I don’t open the door and just point at the letterbox.

    I’m seriously thinking of creating a ‘rogue’s gallery’ and taping all the brochures on the front door with a banner that says, ‘wanted for crimes against the Irish electorate’.

    P.S. I like the ‘Bertiespam’ meme! The two that stick in my mind are (1) a photocopy from the council about the retirement of the local postmaster and (2) a rather sombre ‘evening of election letter’ on good quality paper.

    In the latter letter, he finishes by stating that ‘(he) looks forwards to meeting (me) personally’.

  4. Posted May 3, 2007 at 11:23 | Permalink

    ‘the retirement of the local postmaster’

    snore! ;)

  5. sarah
    Posted May 3, 2007 at 16:57 | Permalink

    Hey I just a TWELVE PAGE pamphlet about the National Disability Authority. I got the parenting one twice. And these organisations are supposed to apolitical. Riiiiiiiight.